Learn About Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal Singing Bowls of Canada is an All-Canadian owned and operated Company. We are interested in Community and are conscious of the role we play in contributing to it’s greater and higher good. We believe that the Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls present the user with an exciting opportunity to see how subtle energies work.

The Crystal Singing Bowls are part of a New Age in Alternative Therapies but they come from Ancient Healing Practices.
It is estimated that 5000 of them were made. Mozart and Beethoven played and wrote music for them and by 1820 they were pretty much unheard of. Due to some controversial events that occurred during performances, the “Glass Armonica” was banned in several places. Some thought the bowls were cursed. Benjamin’s wife, Deborah called it “the music of the angels”. Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer, Creator of modern hypnosis, used the Armonica extensively to relax his patients and induce a state of mind conducive to hypnosis.

Of all the inventions Franklin gave to his fellow man, He never made money from patents on any of them, He thought everyone should share in the benefits. Till his end days was known to have said he enjoyed the “Armonica” the most.


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